GriP AntiSlip Safety Coatings

The transparent and almost invisible GriP AntiSlip Bathroom will make your bath or shower tubGriP AntiSlip Safety Coatings permanently slip- and fall-proof. GriP AntiSlip is not only easy to apply yourself it is also hygienic, easy to clean and can be removed without leaving any traces. With GriP AntiSlip you can once again feel safe and secure in your bathroom.


GriP AntiSlip is a colourless, environmentally friendly, water-based, dual-component coating. You can easily apply GriP AntiSlip yourself. GriP AntiSlip is supplied in a small box that includes all the components you require to safely apply GriP AntiSlip. Very clear and precise instructions will take you step by step through the application process.

GriP AntiSlip Set

Shower mats are no solution because they do not guarantee long-lasting stability. On the contrary: Soap residues and mechanical wear and tear make these even more hazardous and unpredictable.
GriP AntiSlip was developed during the mid-1990s and since then has developed into the world’s most used anti-slip coating. Leading bathroom manufacturers use GriP AntiSlip on their products. World famous hotel chains deploy GriP AntiSlip in their baths and shower trays

GriP AntiSlip comes in two specifications: GriP AntiSlip Bathroom and GriP AntiSlip Floor. Both provide the perfect solution for slippery ceramic, natural stone, wood, metal, glass or other floor coverings and tiles that are walked on with bare feet or shoes

GriP AntiSlip is suitable for private baths and showers, and also for commercial areas, such as public convenience, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, Hotels and disabled friendly areas, stairs, ramps, commercial kitchens, washing facilities, breweries where, in addition to water, oils and fats create a considerable risk of slipping and the safety of people needs to come first.

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