Firebricks Mortar


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This is a product composed by cements and special aggregates that provide a thermal resistance up to 1200 ºC, this is what makes it different from the majority of the refractory mortar existing in the market.


It is a refractory mortar especial for builder’s works. It is usually exposed to high temperatures like barbecues, ovens, chimneys, stoves, boilers or fire areas.

Preparation of the support

The supports must be resistant, rough and clean. When the supports are very adherent or porous, it is advisable to wet them, to guarantee a good adhesion.

Do not to apply on plaster or painted surfaces.

Usage Instructions

Mix with water (4.5 litres per sack), using if possible an electrical mixer with low revolutions, until securing an homogeneous mass without undissolved granules.

Let it settle for a couple of minutes and then apply with a trowel.

It is not advisable to mix more quantity of what is really needed at the time of the use, due to the fast setting of this product.


  • Appearance: Grey dust
  • Grain size distribution:<2
  • Dust density: 1,6 gr/cm3
  • Mixed product density: 1,9 gr/cm3



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